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The ''Up Now!'' category
Up Now!

What is this category for?
The Up Now! category on Dobbor is meant for new things and current trends.
For example Microsoft just released the new Surface line-up of the year. You can post this in Up Now! > Technologies > Computers for people to read about!
It functions kind of like reddit or Techlinked, but more concentrated on news for one topic and you decide what you read or post about.
Of course you can also post something where you analyze or talk about very small details of things, as long as they're relevant and relatively new.

So when is something ''new''?
Good question! We look at a few things:
  • Is the topic at hand (product, announcement, update/refresh) more than 3 months old?
  • Is the topic already being discussed in a similar matter on the forums?
  • Is the topic already replaced by a newer or better one? (like a new generation laptop or a sequel to a game)
If you can't answer yes on any of these, it's likely you're not allowed to post it in this category.
Try the Interests forum category in the Hub instead since it's more generalized.

But what about the fake news?
If you see someone spreading fake news, please report the user with the ''Report'' button on the bottom right of his post.
With your help we try to keep this forum clean from fake stuff. Donald is proud.

But all this stuff is like days old already!!
We're not aiming to bring you the newest and most hard-to-get rumours first hand.
We just want to serve you with topics from a great variety of sources and provide a good platform to discuss about them and their legitimacy, which you can't do so easily on a site like IGN or The New York Times.

If you have any more questions about this forum, please don't hesitate to shoot me a PM.
[Image: nBCavPt.png]

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