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The ''Game Findings'' category
Game Findings

What is this category for?
We believe that by working together you can achieve more. So if we all keep a little eye out and report sales or free weekends here we'll be better off.
Yes yes we know, ripoff from /r/freegamefindings. But here you will not only find free games, but also big sales!
Besides, we will also drop giveaways on featured games every so often in the Dobbor Forums > Dobbor Events forum!

So what counts as a good find?
So here we go again, a few things to look out for. You're probably sick of these by now.
  • The game must not be in sale due to a big season sale like Black Friday or Summer Sale.
  • Sales below 50% don't count, c'mon man.
  • Post appropriately, free games in Free Games, sales in Huge Sales and so on.
  • Demos do not count as free games.

Feel free to report any content that does not abide these posting requirements.
[Image: nBCavPt.png]

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